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Local ING businesses have done an amazing job of responding to the initial needs related to fighting the coronavirus by donating funds and materials in their communities. ING global has supported these initiatives financially, as local businesses know how to make the most local impact. 

But the coronavirus is spreading around the world. The intense pressure we’ve seen in countries with well-developed healthcare systems shows the catastrophic impact the virus could have in countries with weak health and sanitation resources. The global community needs our support to reach the most vulnerable people, wherever they are, to halt the spread of the virus and help those affected by it.

Children and their families living in poverty are among the most vulnerable, as they’re less likely to access critical medical and sanitation services. Most countries have closed schools, which means that 1.5 billion students are housebound and missing out on the support services schools offer, like lunches. Even when schools reopen, there are 900 million children worldwide who can’t wash their hands with soap at their school, increasing their risk of exposure to diseases like the coronavirus.

ING wants to help. Given our 15-year partnership with UNICEF, we’ve joined together again now to raise funds for their efforts to help children and vulnerable groups across the 155 countries affected by the coronavirus. This includes promoting handwashing, hygiene and social distancing to slow the virus’s transmission; providing critical medical and hygiene supplies; and ensuring continuity of health, education and social services for children and their caregivers. ING will match the funds raised up to €1 million.

You can donate by clicking the orange ‘donate’ button to the left. If you like, please share on your personal social media accounts and become an ambassador for this campaign, so your professional and personal contacts can donate as well. Together we can make a difference and help some of the world’s most vulnerable groups in the fight against the coronavirus. 

Examples of impact through the donations made:

€12 = access to clean water for 5 families 

€30 = protective equipment for a healthcare worker

€54 = a hygiene kit, including soap, washing powder and personal hygiene tools for 2 families

Donations made on this website will be transferred to ING’s foundation, ING for Something Better, then matched by ING and immediately transferred to UNICEF. ING for Something Better is registered in the Netherlands. Depending on your country’s regulation, a tax deduction may not be applicable.

The amount of donations stated in this page represents the total amount of donations raised for the global campaign, including the donations transferred directly to UNICEF in other countries.